Qumulo comes of age

April 12, 2016

Qumulo is crossing the chasm: they have 50 paying customers with over 40PB in production. Real production, not POCs. That includes clusters from 4 nodes to more than 20 nodes with over 4PB at a large telco. They practice agile development with 24 software releases in the last year. Roughly a drop every two weeks. […]

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Plexistor’s Software Defined Memory

April 5, 2016

What is Software Defined Memory? A converged memory and storage architecture that enables applications to access storage as if it was memory and memory as if it was storage Unlike most of the software defined x menagerie, SDM isn’t simply another layer that virtualizes existing infrastructure for some magical benefit. It addresses the oncoming reality […]

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So, how much will Optane SSDs cost?

April 1, 2016

I opined recently on ZDNet that I expected Optane SSDs would come out at $2/GB. Josh Goldenhar of Excelero had a thoughtful rejoinder: . . . I think Octane will be more expensive. You mentioned $0.20/GB for flash – but I think that’s for SATA flash or consumer flash. The Intel NVMe p DC3XXX line […]

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StorageMojo’s 10th birthday

March 29, 2016

On March 29, 2006, StorageMojo.com published its first posts to universal indifference. The indifference didn’t last long: the second week of StorageMojo’s existence I published 25x Data Compression Made Simple. The post was /.’d and the vituperation rolled in claiming no such thing was possible: over 400 mostly negative comments on /. and dozens more […]

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CloudVelox: building a freeway into the cloud

March 23, 2016

You have a data center full of Windows and Linux servers running your key applications. How do you migrate them to the cloud; or, at the very least, enable cloud-based disaster recovery? That’s the question CloudVelox is trying to answer. Their software enables enterprises to move their entire software stack to a public cloud. I […]

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Integrating 3D Xpoint with DRAM

March 21, 2016

Intel is promising availability of 3D Xpoint non-volatile memory (NVM) this year, at least in their Optane SSDs. But Xpoint DIMMS are coming soon, and neither will give you anything close to 1,000x performance boost. In a recent paper, NOVA: A Log-structured File System for Hybrid Volatile/Non-volatile Main Memories Jian Xu and Steven Swanson of […]

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RRAM vendor inks deal with semi foundry

March 11, 2016

I’ve been a fan of RRAM – resistive random access memory – for years. It is much superior to NAND flash as a storage medium, except for cost, density and industry production capacity. Hey, you can’t have everything! But Crossbar announced today that they’ve inked a licensing deal with the Chinese Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation […]

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The cult of memory

March 11, 2016

Persistent digital storage is an absolute requirement for a persisting digital civilization – and I remain concerned that with the exception of M-disc we don’t have digital media with a 500 year life. But I also take a broader view of storage, including that which we carry around in our heads, which has way more […]

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Asymmetric innovation: legacy vs cloud

March 9, 2016

Here’s a good question: why are cloud vendors able to innovate so much faster than legacy vendors? AWS brags about the hundreds of new features and services they implement every year – and their accelerating pace. But here’s a better question: why don’t enterprise buyers accept the same level of innovation from legacy vendors as […]

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March 3, 2016

Why do we focus on I/O? Because our architectures are all about moving data to the CPU. But why is that the model? Because Turing and von Neumann? Universal Turing Machines (UTM) have a fixed read/write head and a movable tape that stores data, instructions and results. Turing’s work formed the mathematical basis for the […]

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Non-volatile memory conference next week

March 3, 2016

I’m looking forward to attending the 7th Annual Non-Volatile Memories Workshop 2016 at UC San Diego next week. I couldn’t make FAST 16 this year – darn it! – so this will be my Q1 storage wonk fix. My focus is on emerging technologies, products, companies and markets, and it is clear that non-flash NVM […]

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How engineers – and anyone else – can figure out how good their marketing is

February 23, 2016

I spent years working closely with engineers at DEC, Sun and other companies – and I always felt a bit sorry for them. They’d get flayed for every decommit and slip. They’d sweat blood figuring out solutions to hundreds of subtle problems. Then, after 2 to 3 years of effort, they’d deliver the product to […]

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EMC’s costly battle against upstarts

February 12, 2016

A few weeks ago Nimble Storage CEO Suresh Vasudevan flagged EMC’s aggressive sales tactics as a key problem for Nimble’s enterprise penetration. We can now put a number on how much this is costing EMC. For the full year, EMC’s Information Storage group product revenues dropped from $10.785B in 2014 to $10.2B – an almost […]

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Snow on the rocks

January 18, 2016

Dial-a-climate People are often surprised to learn that it snows in Arizona. While much of state is low Sonoran desert – it rarely gets below freezing in Phoenix – altitude is the primary determinant of climate in Arizona. That’s why it can be freezing on the edge of the Grand Canyon and in the 70s […]

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Paul Graham’s naiveté – MLK day, 2016

January 18, 2016

In Economic Inequality, Paul Graham – of Ycombinator fame – posted an astonishingly naive essay on income inequality. While many others have written take-downs (see here and here, of Mr. Graham’s factual and logical flaws, there’s another that deserves attention. The role of entrenched wealth in creating a less just society The stagnating incomes and […]

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