EMC’s DSSD hiring is exploding

February 18, 2015

DSSD, the Valley startup acquired by EMC last year (see EMC goes all in with DSSD) is continuing to hire at an accelerating rate. Informed sources put the current DSSD team at 160 heads with plans to grow it to 800 over the next year. This is a program in a hurry. Hiring such numbers […]

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Latency in all-flash arrays

February 17, 2015

StorageMojo has been writing about latency and flash arrays for years (see The SSD write cliff in real life), with a focus on data from the TPC-C and SPC-1 benchmarks. The folks at Violin Memory asked me to create a Video White Paper to discuss the problem in a bite-size chunk. Latency is the long […]

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EMC’s missing petabytes: the cost of short stroking

February 10, 2015

A couple of weeks ago StorageMojo learned that a VMAX 20k could support up to 2400 3TB drives, it can only address ≈2PB. Where did the remaining 5 petabytes go? Some theories were advanced in the comments, and I spoke to other people about the mystery. No one would speak on the record, but here’s […]

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Help StorageMojo find the VMAX 20k’s lost petabytes!

January 21, 2015

While working on a client configuration for a VMAX 20k – and this may apply to the 40k as well, as I haven’t checked – I encountered something odd: The 20k supports up to 2400 3TB drives, according to the EMC 20k spec sheet. That should be a raw capacity of 7.2PB However, the same […]

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Facebook on disaggregation vs. hyperconvergence

January 6, 2015

Just when everyone agreed that scale-out infrastructure with commodity nodes of tightly-coupled CPU, memory and storage is the way to go, Facebook’s Jeff Qin, a capacity management engineer – in a talk at Storage Visions 2015 – offers an opposing vision: disaggregated racks. One rack for computes, another for memory and a third – and […]

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Friday hike blogging: Highline trail

December 19, 2014

Hike blogging got interrupted by some schedule conflicts and bad weather. Federal district court jury duty was one interruption. Some needed rain and cold temperatures was another. To make up for the lapse, here are two pictures from this week’s hike around Cathedral Rock. Winter is one of my favorite seasons because of the clouds […]

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WD acquires Skyera: whoa!

December 18, 2014

The Skyera acquisition could signal a sea change in the relationship between storage device and system makers. It is overdue. Traditionally, device makers avoided competing with their customers. This is what it made Seagate’s acquisition of Xiotech (now X-IO years ago so surprising. StorageMojo was critical of Seagate’s Xiotech acquisition because there were large and […]

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The 30% solution

December 2, 2014

The existential battle facing legacy storage vendors is about business models, not technology or features. Market forces – cloud providers and SMBs – are trying to turn a high margin business into a much lower margin business. We have already seen this happen with the servers. Many large minicomputer companies enjoyed 60 to 70% gross […]

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Friday hike blogging: Cockscomb Butte

November 21, 2014

Thanks to re:Invent and some other issues I haven’t done much hiking in the last 2 weeks. But back on the 8th I took a hike with my friend Gudrun up Cockscomb. There’s no official Forest Service trail so I was glad to have a guide for my first ascent. We spent about 90 minutes […]

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Primary Data takes on the enterprise

November 21, 2014

The economics of massive scale-out storage systems has thrown a harsh light on legacy enterprise storage. Expensive, inflexible, under-utilized data silos are not what data intensive enterprises need or – increasingly – can afford. That much is obvious to any CFO who can read Amazon Webe Services’ pricing. But how to get from today’s storage […]

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EMC’s re-intermediation strategy

November 18, 2014

EMC – and other legacy array vendors – are trying to become an intermediary between enterprises and the cloud. Are cloud-washed arrays a viable strategy? EMC’s Joe Tucci is working to ensure that EMC can survive in a cloud world even if he doesn’t manage to sell the company before he retires. The acquisitions of […]

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AWS re:Invent this week

November 11, 2014

StorageMojo’s legion of analysts are saddling up for the ride to Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent. This is a first time for this event and trust it will be excellent. If you’re there feel free to say hi! Courteous comments welcome, of course. Please comment on anything you’d like to see The StorageMojo take on.

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Pure vs EMC: who’s winning?

November 11, 2014

Forbes contributor and analyst Peter Cohan writes on seemingly conflicting stories coming from Pure and EMC. Let’s unpack the dueling narratives. Does Pure win 70% vs EMC or does EMC win 95% vs Pure? The metrics: Both parties seem to agree that they meet up very often in competitive bidding situations. EMC claims that it […]

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Friday hike blogging: clouds and sun

November 7, 2014

I’ve been hiking regularly, but not posting Fridays due to some schedule conflicts. Last Saturday I took one of my favorite loops, but started from Soldiers Pass rather than Mormon Canyon, and headed counterclockwise. The weather was unsettled, with dark clouds to the north and east and broken clouds to the west. As it was […]

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Mark Lewis on Formation’s enterprise play

November 6, 2014

Formation Data Systems announced a soft launch a few weeks ago with a $24M round – hefty for a software play – and one of the investors is Kumar Malavalli, the smart guy behind Brocade. StorageMojo spoke to FDS CEO Mark Lewis. The what Formation is focused on attacking the cost and expense of enterprise […]

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