Friday hike blogging: clouds!

August 23, 2014

There’s a reason Arizona doesn’t have Daylight Saving Time: we have as much daylight as we can stand. With over 300 sunny days a year – and the sunniest are often the hottest – it’s a relief to see the sun set as the perceived temps drop 10-15°F. Despite that, summer is my favorite season […]

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DataGravity launches

August 20, 2014

The co-founder of Equallogic, Paula Long, is heading up the new startup DataGravity. Their system takes advantage of active/active controllers to bring deep storage inspection to small and medium businesses. What they do DataGravity brings a new level of information awareness to network storage arrays, enabling important new capabilities within the array at no extra […]

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Friday hike blogging: Mormon Canyon

August 15, 2014

After several days where I couldn’t get out I left at 6am for my favorite hike, the Cibola-Jordan-Soldiers Pass-Brins Mesa loop. Big decision: clockwise or counter-clockwise? Clockwise is gentler with an uphill bias until reaching the highest point – 5138 feet – after 4.5 miles. Counter-clockwise gets the bulk of the vertical done in the […]

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Scale Computing: infrastructure made simple

August 15, 2014

Google and Amazon have armies of PhDs to design, manage and diagnose their scale-out systems. Few small to medium sized businesses do – nor should they – but they should still have the advantages of scale-out infrastructure. Imagine infrastructure that comes in a box with no costly VMware licenses, great support and good scalability. That […]

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Got interoperability testing?

August 9, 2014

At Flash Memory Summit StorageMojo spoke to David Woolf and Kerry Munson of the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab. It’s been around for decades and still is. It is primarily staffed by college students – cheap labor – managed by senior engineers. Protocol testing is it’s primary function. The IOL tests many protocols such […]

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Seagate’s Kinetic vision shipping – but not from Seagate

August 4, 2014

Remember Seagate’s Kinetic open storage vision? Turns out there is a shipping product embodying the same ideas – but not from Seagate. Surprised? Huawei’s UDS – Universal Distributed Storage – system launched two years ago with a home-grown smart disk. Each UDS drive has a daughter board with an ARM processor, memory, two Ethernet ports […]

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Friday hike blogging

August 1, 2014

Looking northwest from Hangover Trail on Wednesday. Hangover is a new trail that I’d never been on before. An incredible hike. I’m going to limit hike blogging to Fridays. But next week I’ll be at the Flash Memory Summit and won’t be hiking – at least not at home.

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High performance SSDs: hot, hungry & sometimes slow

July 25, 2014

Anyone looking at how flash SSDs have revolutionized power constrained mobile computing could be forgiven for thinking that all SSDs are power-efficient. But they’re not. In a recent Usenix HotStorage ’14 paper Power, Energy and Thermal Considerations in SSD-Based I/O Acceleration researchers Jie Zhang, Mustafa Shihab and Myoungsoo Jung of UT Dallas examine what they […]

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Performance: IOPS or latency or data services?

July 23, 2014

Unpacking the data services vs performance metric debate. Why we should stop the IOPS wars and focus on latency. IOPS is not that important for most data centers today because flash arrays are so much faster than the storage they replace. That’s why the first post was titled IOPS is not the key number. The […]

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Hike blogging

July 22, 2014

Sunday morning took the Brins Mesa trail loop. Sometimes people wonder if I ever get bored with the scenery. Not yet!

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Flash Memory Summit 2014

July 20, 2014

The entire StorageMojo analyst team will be saddling up and leaving the bone-dry high desert of Arizona to see the fleshpots of Santa Clara for the 2014 Flash Memory Summit. StorageMojo’s Chief Analyst will be chairing Session U-2: Annual Update on Enterprise Flash Storage. That’s on Tuesday, August 5th, at 9:45. Who knows, maybe there […]

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The new storage industry rave

July 17, 2014

It used to be so simple: EMC, NetApp, Hitachi and the captive storage businesses of systems companies. Add in some fast running startups, such as today’s Nimble, Nutanix and Avere, to keep things interesting. But no more. While the startups will require several more years before they make a dent in the big boy’s businesses, […]

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Hike blog: Airport loop

July 15, 2014

Walked over to the Sunset trail and thence up to Airport Mesa. This view is looking south from the east side of the mesa. This is my favorite time of year due to the monsoon – rainy season – clouds. Probably have a thunderstorm later today. And yes, there’s an airport on top of the […]

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Quasi-NVRAM using built-in battery backup

July 14, 2014

Note, a version of this post appeared this morning on ZDnet. Given that roughly a billion battery-powered computers are sold each year, you’d think that the engineers would be busy rearchitecting the storage stack to take advantage of built-in – and usually non-removable – battery backup. But no-o-o! Recently three researchers, Hao Luo, Lei Tian […]

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TwinStrata buy makes it official: cloud gateway a feature, not a product

July 10, 2014

EMC buying TwinStrata to put on VMAX. The StorageMojo take First of all I hope Nicos and John made out like bandits. Not likely without a bidding war – I haven’t heard of one – but they did a good job building TS. One of the attractions for EMC is that TS supports many clouds. […]

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