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In the interest of providing greater transparency for users, is pleased to publish these Price Lists. These are, AFAIK, the only free online storage price resource available.

Vendors don’t like giving out pricing for many (largely irrelevant) reasons: protecting channel partner margins; keeping customers at different discount levels from getting restive; impeding competitive analysis; preserving sales flexibility; hiding product weaknesses; or a combination of all these.

Yet pricing is useful to buyers. Helpful for budgeting, negotiating, comparison shopping among vendors and channels, pricing information is usually gathered over time. Well, your time has come!

About These Prices
These prices are discounted “street prices”, roughly what a corporate customer would pay. Some vendors still have list prices, but many, especially those that go through channels (retail, VARs, on-line sales, integrators) do not. Your small or medium sized company will likely be quoted a higher price. The money to provide personal service has to come from somewhere, and if you buy from a small VAR they get lower discounts too. A reseller who provides good service is worth the margin they earn. Don’t sweat the price.

These prices are typically updated annually or less and irregularly. You won’t see the latest and greatest announcement reflected for 6-12 months.

Saving money
In general, commodity storage devices such as disk and tape drives, host bus adapters, low end switches and cables are most economically acquired through the internet if you can do your own installation and support.

If you are not going to do your own installation, you’re better off buying from a reseller. Vendors won’t usually support components you buy elsewhere, so if you aren’t prepared to deal with what that means, or don’t know what that means, you should buy from a service-oriented vendor.

These are US prices and non-US prices may differ. Vendors once commonly “uplifted” prices by 40% or more overseas. That number is much smaller now and in many companies is gone altogether. With the weaker dollar Europeans may be able to get better deals than US companies. If you see big discrepancies you might ask about the vendor’s uplift policy.

Caveats makes this information available on a reasonable efforts basis. There may be errors, omissions or duplications. Due to competitive conditions prices often move faster than we update, or particular deals may involve competitive allowances, inventory clearance, channel allowances, manufacturer or dealer distress, or just smart negotiating.

Some vendors have tens of thousands of products, including cables and consumables. For those vendors we cut the list at a dollar amount. The break point might be at $100 or $500. See each list for details.

For the thrifty, vendors often tack large margins on accessories, correctly calculating that few will quibble over these items. Nonetheless it gives vendors a significant margin boost, and buyers a place to save real money on hardware.

These price lists are not configuration guides. Your vendor’s system engineers are the best source of up-to-date configuration information. Vendor websites may be helpful as well, despite their natural desire for you to call sales.

These price lists are based on publicly available – often obscure – non-copyrighted sources.

You are welcome to download these guides for personal use. I spend many tedious hours gathering and editing these lists. Please do not republish them. would prefer that you link to Thanks.

This pricing information is placed here without vendor support or approval. Any vendor who wants StorageMojo to present more accurate pricing is welcome to send it by snailmail. Enclose a note on company letterhead signed by a company officer permitting StorageMojo to republish the list.

If you sell or compete with these products you can buy an ad on a price list. People researching part numbers are likely prospects and StorageMojo’s Price Lists do well on Google searches. See the “Advertise” tab above.

Since StorageMojo started publishing these lists there’s been a fair amount of turnover among the firms covered. It also turns out that a few firms account for most of the hits.

In response, StorageMojo is cutting the number of price lists that are regularly updated. For historical purposes though old price lists will no longer removed. Instead they’ll be marked here as deprecated.

Vendor price lists:
3Par Deprecated
ADIC Deprecated
Adva Deprecated
Avamar Deprecated
CreekPath Deprecated
Data Domain Deprecated
Documentum Deprecated
Egenera Deprecated
Isilon Deprecated
Lefthand Deprecated
McData Deprecated
Omneon Deprecated
Pillar Deprecated
Quadrics Deprecated
RSA Deprecated
Seagate Deprecated
Sepaton Deprecated
Sun/StorageTek Deprecated
Texas Memory Systems (TMS) Deprecated
Xiotech Deprecated