Just to let you know: I’m rebuilding StorageMojo – as part of launching StorageMojo v2.0 – on a new theme and finding it harder than I expected.

So please pardon the mess while I get it figured out!

Update: You are now looking at the new WordPress theme that I plan to use for years to come. I will be tweaking it – adding a third column is high on the list – and getting links working and such. The big benefit of the new theme is that it is designed to display well on mobile devices.

StorageMojo v2.0
StorageMojo v1.0 was all about longer posts on emerging technologies and related topics. While I intend to keep doing those, StorageMojo v2.0 will also have shorter posts that focus on interesting – to me, anyway – tidbits I find on the web and elsewhere. The goal is more content, fresher content, and more reasons to check out the site for tech mavens.

Courteous comments welcome, of course. What would you like to see get more coverage?