Haven’t been doing much hike blogging lately. Why? Haven’t been doing much hiking.

I’ve mostly been biking. Love my new ebike! Rarely take the car out of the garage.

But I’m not comfortable leaving the bike at trailheads. Yeah, the terrible friction of taking the car out of the garage! 1st world problems, eh?

But I did hike the Munds Wagon, Cow Pies, and Hangover Trails, a lollipop loop, on Saturday. I could tell you it was beautiful, but you can see for yourself.

Click to enlarge.

Road Trip!
Saturday I’m starting to drive to South Carolina. I’ll be visiting the Augusta, Aiken, Columbia and Myrtle Beach areas, and maybe Asheville, NC. The novel I’m writing is largely set on a plantation near Augusta that is now a state park, so I plan to soak up as much of the local color as I can.

I may also – fingers crossed! – be able to meet with some of the descendants of the enslaved on the plantation. I’m hoping to introduce myself to them, read them a chapter or two from the novel, and, if they are so inclined, hear some of their family stories.

Wish me luck!