The folks at Silicon Valley Wag have a post about Maxtor, the disk drive company being bought by Seagate, teaming up with a software startup named Fabrik that is apparently creating web-based applications for managing one’s home digital content on the web.

Details are sketchy, since the companies haven’t quite announced what they are actually doing. I’ll take a shot though: Maxtor hopes to sell a lot of disk drives.

The basic idea of online storage of important data is a wonderful one for SMB’s. SMB’s don’t like doing backup, nor do they typically maintain offsite copies for disaster tolerance. This kind of Fabrik/Maxtor application backend could do both very effectively for SMB’s.

So guys, how about NOT being the next Flickr or MySpace? Why not be something new that will help millions of small businesses cope with data overload and protection.

Just a thought.