Did he get tired of waiting for his stock options to see daylight? Perhaps reporting to a guy with a ponytail didn’t appeal – HP guys can be funny that way. Or maybe five years in the Mos Eisley of storage finally broke him. Something, clearly.

An oddity: Sun says that David Yen is taking over Sun’s Storage Group and that Mark Canepa “former head of Sun’s Data Management Group” is leaving Sun after 10 years. You have to rummage around on the website to discover that the Storage Group and the Data Management Group are one and the same. The slyest name change I’ve seen in years.

Could it be that Schwartz, a software guy, didn’t like the DMG name, since it sounds like software? And that he doesn’t like Yen, probably the premier hardware guy at Sun after billionaire co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim, who gets to do whatever he likes.

The loser in all this is Yen, a smart and capable guy. Picking up the pieces of the long, slow train wreck that is and will be the StorageTek acquisition won’t be fun. He does have Project Honeycomb, which has the potential to start reshaping the entire industry. Let’s hope he sees that and drives it aggressively.