Free RAID From Intel
Intel’s storage group has mystified for some time. Yet there is proof that Intel does apply a tiny part of its mighty R&D and manufacturing Mojo to storage:

Intel® Matrix Storage Technology
With a 2nd [external, it seems -ed.] hard drive added, provides quicker access to digital photo, video and data files with RAID 0, 5, and 10, and greater data protection against a hard disk drive failure with RAID 1, 5, and 10. Support for external SATA (eSATA) enabled the full SATA interface speed outside the chassis, up to 3 Gb/s.

You’ve Seen the Post, Now Read the Book
Leaving aside nerdy quibbles about configuring RAID 5 or 1+0 on two drives – perhaps the Mojo is not always with them – they have actually done something in hardware to enable RAID 1.

If you are running Windows and would like to try it I’d recommend you start with this manual. It proves conclusively that Intel engineers do understand RAID requirements, even if they can’t communicate them to the people writing the website.

If you are ready to just do it, download the driver here.

Some Musty History
Intel has actually had a version of this software since 2003, and yet it doesn’t seem to have penetrated the consciousness of the average OEM or end-user that they might make use of it to protect their data. Can someone explain why?