Byte & Switch found yet another EMC marketing victim customer for whom ILM isn’t working, this time Intel. Guess what, end-users don’t want to classify their data! Even if they do, it isn’t easy moving it around!

Intel is reduced to hoping Intel lawyers are going to help piss everybody off enforce end-user discipline. What’s next, jack-booted thugs?

If BS can hear this, EMC marketing must be getting an earful. Someone isn’t listening. Anyone could see years ago that ILM is Bunk.

I’ve watched formerly great companies (DEC and Sun among them) burn through customer trust through pig-headed marketing and hubris. It isn’t fun.

I feel sorry for the EMC’ers in the front lines. Their management is driving them, and their customers, off a cliff. I doubt this is fixable, at least not by the folks that got them into this mess.