The Wall Street Journal announced (subscription required, I think) its annual tech award winners today, and I’m pleased to see that both Sun and Seagate got recognized for important advances. Both companies have great engineering traditions that are alive and well.

This award isn’t some PR sop to big advertisers but a serious effort to find and recognize breakthrough technologies. Judges include Mark Bernstein, Director of PARC, Diane Greene, Co-Founder of VMware, and a number of other engineers, VCs, CTOs and scientists.

DTrace Gets The Gold
Bryan Cantrill, Adam Leventhal and Michael Shapiro are the Sun team that got the Gold as the single best innovation. That’s the second time in three years that Sun won the top honor. Learn more about DTrace here.

Seagate Gets Perpendicular
Seagate won in the technology design catagory for perpendicular recording, which readers know is essential for packing even more bits into a disk drive. Interesting tidbit: the article states that Seagate expects all its drives will use PR by the end of the year. Cool.

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