As if I wasn’t busy enough already
I’ve taken on another blog called Storage Bits at ZDnet.

I’d been blogging for Computerworld on a volunteer basis, so when ZDnet started waving obscene amounts of money (obscenely low, but at least a positive integer) at me, I thought I’d give it a shot.

What does this mean for StorageMojo?
Beats me. I’m going to feel the thing out for a while. Current fantasy is that I’ll do more topical, quick hit kind of stuff on ZDnet and the more analytical, research intensive pieces here on StorageMojo. I’ll also be cutting back a bit here as well, to 3-4 days a week. I’ve done 5 days a week – mostly – for the last year and I sometimes get the feeling from readers that maybe, just maybe, that is more storage comment than they can handle.

The StorageMojo take
I can only compliment the ZDnet editorial team for their discriminating taste in fine storage blogging. As storage is, I believe, the toughest problem in IT – right up there with parallel programming – I’m hoping the new platform will help me spread greater appreciation for the wonders and opportunities in storage technology. Some groupies would be nice too.

Comments welcome, as always.