Totally off topic:
Buy great chair on Ebay. Shipped Monday on DHL. Thanks to massive storage and distributed networks, I knew it was in Phoenix – a two hour drive from where I live – Tuesday morning. Fantastic!

Tuesday morning: “Delivery arranged, no details expected.”
Oh, boy! Tuesday comes and goes, no chair. Scheduled delivery: Wednesday. Hm-m-m.

Wednesday morning: “Shipment arrived at incorrect facility. Sent to correct destination.”
They sent it to Lake Havasu City. But they caught the error. OK, stuff happens.

Thursday evening: “In transit”

Friday morning, on the phone: “absolutely will be delivered today”

Friday evening, on the phone: “will be delivered tonight, late, due to Mother’s Day”

Saturday morning: “In transit. Wilmington – Clinton Field, OH”
Aar-r-r-gh! Not only did they NOT deliver it, they air-freighted it to Ohio, about 1400 air miles away.

The StorageMojo take
To err is human. To really screw things up takes automation. I suspect a combination of management problems in the Phoenix Regional Hub, DHL process problems – shipping back to their Ohio hub is probably equivalent to hitting “reset” – and some Mother’s Day craziness.

Needless to say, DHL is off StorageMojo’s preferred vendor list. And the shipper’s.

Update: after arriving in Phoenix on Tuesday morning, just as it had the previous week, DHhell delivered it to the rock-bound splendor of Chez Mojo in the early afternoon. I almost didn’t believe it.

And the chair, a Freedom chair – with gel seat and headrest – from Humanscale is wonderful. Forget the Aeron’s dozen or so adjustments that I, for one, would certainly get wrong. Freedom has four, and once adjusted, you’re sitting the lap of ergonomic comfort. Yum!

Got any shipping horror stories? Go ahead, share the pain. Say what you will about storage networks, they will never ship your data to Wilmington, Ohio.