You always knew techies were different. . .
Market segmentation is a black art. Some people believe that markets can be finely segmented in ways that are meaningful over time. Perhaps because I spend a lot of time marketing leading edge stuff I believe that segments are a static take on on a dynamic flow. Useful at the time you take the picture, useful for comparisons later, but trailing rather than leading market behavior. Fun to play with.

Cut to the Pew Internet & American Life Project
The latest report out of the Pew Internet & American Life Project, called A Typology of Information and Communication Technology Users – what people will do for academic respectability – combines two favorite topics: readers of StorageMojo and market segmentation.

About half of the American population doesn’t much care about the internet
This will be news to Silicon Valley.

Here’s their segmentation. Where do you fit?

Geek segmentation

I’m trying to find myself in there and not having much luck
Strong affinity for the Omnivore, yet there is a lot of technology that I’m not interested in using. Like, my phone doesn’t even take pictures! I stopped using my PDA several years ago. I’ve tried to get excited about newsreaders and haven’t. I don’t like tinkering with technology all that much. I much prefer it works.

On the other hand I do have a WDS extended wireless network for my home/office. Love VOIP. Mindmapping, which I’ve known about for decades, has recently joined my creative and organizational armentarium. Have two laser printers on the network. Airtunes. DTS surround sound. Two blogs and am contemplating a third.

Done some video editing and made a couple of DVDs, complete with menus. I chat, both text and video, with friends and family.

The common thread: it all has to be easy.

Call me a lackluster omnivore
Oh, and in case you were wondering why techies seem to have a hard time with women: here’s another graph from the Pew report:

Geeks vs girls

Comments welcome. How do you see yourself?