Still wishing you’d made the Seattle Conference on Scalability last month?
There’s a couple of upcoming East Coast meetings that look worthwhile. These are focused on compute intensive cluster computing, not Internet Data Center workloads, but many of the issues overlap.

The Commodity Cluster Symposium 2007 (CCS2007)

. . . addresses challenges associated with the rapidly expanding interest and acceptance of the use of commodity computer clusters for scientific applications.

This year’s focus is using commodity clusters to solve large-scale scientific problems. One of the co-developers of the Beowulf cluster architecture will keynote.

It is in Annapolis, MD and runs from July 23 through the 25th. Sorry for the late notice. You can read more here.

I hope I’ve decoded the acronyms correctly: the High End Computing Inter-agency Working Group’s (HECIWG) File Systems & I/O (FSIO) 2007 Workshop. August 5-8 in Arlington, VA.

HECIWG is a group devoted to coordinating the US Government’s work on big computing. There are a bunch of agencies that spend a lot of money on computing R&D. Until the working group, they didn’t much talk to each other about it. A little cross-fertilization among agencies, academics and a few companies can’t hurt.

Some interesting topics:

  • Microdata Storage Systems
  • Performance Insulation and Predictability For Shared Cluster Storage
  • Petascale I/O for High End Computing
  • Toward Automated Problem Analysis of Large Scale Storage Systems

Oddly enough, few of these folks seem to publish their stuff on the web so mere mortals can look at it. So I’m thinking about attending.

Centers for high-end computing research
I purloined this list of HEC research sites from the LANL website. It surprised me a little. I didn’t expect to see UCSC on the list, although I’ve looked at some of the research and researchers there. And I’d never heard of anything at Stony Brook. Cool.