I’ve been a fan of ZFS since I researched it over a year ago. I’ve also been happy with the progress ZFS is making on OS X.

So it was a bit of surprise when I saw (thanks Wes) that MacJournals, a developers web site, was all sideways about it.

A good conversation
Fortunately a former Mac file system developer, Drew Thaler, responded with Don’t be a ZFS Hater.

Another respected Mac developer, Michael Tsai, also responded with a thoughtful post.

The StorageMojo take
I follow the ZFS discussion on OpenSolaris, so I understand that the ZFS implementation has a ways to go. From a marketing perspective, ZFS or something like it is required if consumers are going to use computers as media centers for purchased content. Seeing a couple of thousand dollars worth of music, TV, movies and videos go poof! is a sure way to get tossed out of America’s living rooms.

I believe Apple developers have the Mojo to make ZFS use transparent for Mac customers. They certainly have the help of the Sun team and it is in the interest of both companies to make this work. Plus, don’t forget Apple’s “touchless” file system upgrade patent.

But MacJournals correctly points out that UFS was once thought – though without the level of support ZFS has enjoyed to date – to be the successor to HFS+ and that a similar fate may befall ZFS. While that is certainly a possibility – never say never around Steve Jobs – there are good business and marketing reasons for going forward with ZFS, regardless of what techies think. Apple will go forward with ZFS and make it the standard OS X file system within 2 years.

Comments welcome, as always.
Update: I’ve started editing comments on this post to keep them on topic and away from personalities. I regret not doing so sooner. Nonetheless the discussion is informative and if file systems interest you, well worth perusing.