Founder Sujal Patel back as CEO
After 3 quarters of missed targets, Isilon’s board fired the CEO and CFO and reinstated founder Sujal Patel as CEO.

Said Isilon chairman, former EPA secretary and longtime Seattle heavyweight William D. Ruckelshaus:

“We believe there is no better person to run Isilon now than our visionary founder Sujal Patel who has helped build and run this company over the past seven years. Sujal provides strong leadership, maintains deep relationships with major customers and partners, and has been a strong force behind Isilon’s winning culture. Under Sujal’s leadership, we are confident that Isilon is well positioned to maximize the opportunities ahead.”

The StorageMojo take
Why did it take the board so long to act? After two missed quarters I was surprised when heads didn’t roll.

I applaud the choice of Sujal as CEO. Too often firms look for execs from the big iron vendors who have no idea how to operate in a developing market. Clustered storage is a new market with its own dynamics. And few people have more experience in that market than the new CEO.

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