Or at least their salesmen are
Just got a note from a fellow who prefers anonymity about his experience with a not-very-large sale:

EMC, NetApp and Onstor have been particularly aggressive in trying to win our business, which isn’t terribly large – we were looking at between 20 to 28 TB of useable space in the near term. . . . [W]e’re probably going to go with Onstor but NetApp came in at the last moment trying to sell a dual-controller FAS2050 with 32TB raw (3 fully loaded trays) in the low $70k range.

[I’ve fudged the numbers to protect his identity, but the picture they paint is accurate.]

Salespeople are shrewd calculators
If I read the NetApp price list correctly, that FAS2050 is normally about a $200k system. At a 65% discount, NetApp is covering its fixed costs nicely and contributing to its variable costs, so it is a win for the company at the margin.

What’s more interesting is that a deal this small is hardly worth a commissioned sales rep’s time – unless he is scraping for every last penny.

The StorageMojo take
This is a very good time to buy enterprise storage, even for medium-sized companies. I suspect that with the rocky financial markets the Wall Street demand has dropped off considerably. Then companies start scrambling to make up the shortfall and the deals get sweet. And sweeter.

Comments welcome, of course. How are your buys coming?