New Product Introduction
As part of my campaign to increase the world’s consumption of disk capacity – see yesterday’s post – I’ve developed a new capacity gobbling product. For lack of a better term I call it a video white paper.

The impetus? No one reads anymore. Especially white papers. We’d much rather watch videos.

Enter Gear6
When I looked around for a launch customer, Gear6 came to mind. Their marketing VP, Gary Orenstein, has one of the few marketing blogs, Thoughtput with real content instead of “aren’t we wonderful” happy talk. He’s done a number of podcasts as well. He’s a new-media, large file size kind of guy.

Happily, he agreed to be the launch customer.

Here’s your part
Gear6 and Gary responded favorably to this new product and now I would like to hear from all of you. I am continuing to enhance the concept with the goal of bringing more value to everyone that views it.

What’d I’d like you to do is to watch the 4.5 minute video and tell me what you think. What works, what doesn’t work. What you’d like to see more of and what you’d like to see less of.

Meet Nisha Talagala, CTO

Nisha is not just really smart – smarter than the average Silicon Valley CTO – she is also a very nice person. I was impressed.

Yes, I was paid for this. And I’d like to be paid to do more of them! But only if they are worthwhile for you. So help me figure out how to make that happen.

Comments welcome – more than ever. My goal is to create something that is genuinely useful for information seekers in a 3-5 minute package. Tell me how well you think it works. How would *you* get more valuable content into 3-5 minutes in a way that people will watch?

Update: I tweaked the wording a bit. Same video.