Nexenta is the next open source storage company – and the first to use ZFS. They are aiming at the enterprise storage market for 2nd tier storage.

I talked to Evan Powell, the CEO last week, after a StorageMojo reader and Nexenta user, Joe Little, tipped me off to the product. Joe is a systems architect in Stanford’s EE department and is using Nexentastor in production. That is a link to his blog where he talks about it in more detail.

Linux + Solaris + ZFS + glue
Evan described Nexenta’s value-add as upgrading the standard software by

  • removing unneeded packages
  • hardening internal interfaces
  • wrapping it up in a nice GUI with clean underlying APIs

They’ve made a point of creating a clean API and using the same abstraction layer for their GUI and the CLI. The intent is to make it easy for enterprise admins to put Nexentastor into production. The behavior under the GUI and the CLI should be the same.

Did I mention the low-end version is free?

The StorageMojo take
With OpenSolaris adding CIFS support OpenSolaris is the open storage OS of the future. I applaud Nexenta for getting out there now and wish them the best of luck.

Comments welcome, of course. Anyone besides Joe have experience with Nexenta to share?

Note: In a haze last week I started this post and accidentally published it – where it went out immediately over the RSS feed. My apologies if it looks like I’m repeating myself. This is a new post with the old title.