Here’s an invite to a Wikibon Peer Incite discussion I’ll be leading
Tuesday, 11 December. Call in on Skype and listen and ask questions. EMC’s AR and competitive analysts will be there. Shouldn’t you?

If you aren’t hip to Wikibon it is worth checking out.

Here’s the blurb from the invite with the call in number and passcode.

This is a reminder that the next Peer Incite research meeting is scheduled for Tuesday December 11, 2007. The topic for this meeting is: EMC’s Maui and the Future of Clustered Storage.

Google’s development of one of the world’s largest storage infrastructures based on commodity components, without reliance on traditional array technology, was a huge wakeup call for the storage industry in general and EMC in particular. Recent comments by EMC’s CEO Joe Tucci indicate two new products from the company, Hulk and Maui will address the market for so-called ‘Cloud Computing’ and hit the market in mid-2008. It is estimated that 85% of corporate data is unstructured yet organizations continue to spend billions optimizing storage for the 15% of information that is traditional database-oriented. Will this continue to make sense?

Key issues we’ll address on the call include:

  • What does it mean to users that EMC is about to legitimize clustered storage?
  • What do these advancements mean for user investments in traditional array technology?
  • How will the industry likely respond to EMC’s attempt to lead this trend?

Here’s how to participate in the discussion:

  • Date: Tuesday December 11, 2007
  • Time: 12:00pm EST (9:00am PST)
  • Call in #: 218-486-1300 Passcode: 509215

Moderator: Peter Burris (

See you at the meeting.

The StorageMojo take
The IT consulting business – as in Gartner and everybody else – needs a good shaking. Wikibon is a good idea that may be part of the solution. Let me know what you think after you check it out.

Update: If you miss the call check out the Wikibon archive.

Comments welcome, of course