Join me in San Jose, CA, February 26–29, 2008, for the latest in File And Storage Technologies.

Top researchers from academe and industry – NetApp, IBM, Microsoft, Data Domain, HP, Panasas, Yahoo, Seagate and more – will present their latest research. [Doesn’t EMC do any research?]

There will be thought-provoking presentations. I’ve already downloaded a number of papers and plan to report on some in the next couple of weeks.

If you’d like to meet, please drop me a line in the comments or send an email to robinATthisdomainname. Libation bearers are especially welcome.

The StorageMojo take
A lot of great research (see Everything you know about disks is wrong) has been presented at past FAST conferences and this year looks to be no exception. The work on data corruption looks very promising.

I’m also looking forward to shooting some video for the StorageMojo YouTube channel. Yes, it’s looking a little threadbare right now, as technical difficulties have slowed me down – FCS2’s underpinnings could be a lot more robust – so FAST should be a good place to get some new content.

Comments and invites welcome. Does anyone know if EMC has ever presented at FAST? Update: Several commenters quickly assured me that EMC

  • Does lots of research
  • Has presented at FAST
  • Prefers to present at ACM

Thanks for the links!