NetApp has formally changed its name from Network Appliance Inc to NetApp Inc. The name change is part of a larger effort to raise their awareness among what they call the Storage 5000 – the 5000 largest storage customers worldwide.

I’m in NYC today and tomorrow at the annual NetApp analyst meeting, flown out and put up at NetApp’s expense, wined and dined, charmed by their capable director of analyst relations. It works – a warm feeling about NetApp suffuses every atom of my being. Don’t worry, it won’t last.

The StorageMojo take
Great technology poorly marketed loses to mediocre technology well-marketed almost every time.

NetApp is very serious about taking more market share, just as EMC is ramping up a strategy to take more NAS market share as well. The market also-rans will take most of the initial damage, but both companies mean to take a piece of the other.

Storage consumers will benefit the most.

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