On the occasion of announcing a new HPC modular array, the Engenio-based 4600, SGI commissioned me to do a StorageMojo video for them.

Some interesting comments about modular vs cluster storage and CXFS. And I got to practice my radio voice.

We spoke for about an hour and I boiled down the comments of Raj Das of SGI and LSI’s Flavio Santoni – before putting the StorageMojo take on it.

Must get video page up soon
One thing about video: every syllable counts. This one gets into Apple’s Motion for the first time. Nothing wild though.

Update: The video came down for a couple of modest tweaks. Now it’s back – new and improved.
End update.

The StorageMojo take
Video is another way to reach people who aren’t going to plow through a white paper. In 4 minutes you meet some people, get exposed to some new ideas and maybe learn something. And you can be drinking coffee in your bathrobe at the same time!

Comments welcome, of course.