Consumerization is the ultimate scale-out application
I spoke to EMC’s CTO, Jeff Nick, at EMC world and video’d his comments. I didn’t know what to expect, as some past EMC CTO’s have been lightweights whose insight wasn’t up to Silicon Valley standards.

But Nick is different: a former IBM distinguished engineer Fellow – their highest technical level; holder of many patents; leader of IBM’s grid initiatives. He swims in the deep end of the pool. Once he realized I’d done some homework he proved voluble and insightful.

We discussed several topics, including why Maui is late (short answer: productizing advanced technology is hard). The best part was describing what Paul Maritz’ Pi Corp brings to the table.

Here’s the video:

The StorageMojo take
EMC is taking Dell’s purchase of EqualLogic seriously. They are intent on building EMC into a trusted consumer brand for personal information storage in the cloud.

That is easier said than done. Yet Google – the obvious 1st choice for this market – has hurt their brand by dithering on privacy issues. Why trust your most private data to a company that makes its money selling your information? 

EMC is unleashing a triple whammy on its traditional competitors

  • Leading edge technology in Maui
  • Consumer-focused services with Mozy and Iomega
  • A next-gen software infrastructure in Pi that – if it delivers – will change how consumers manage their data forever

These are all game-changers. Together they bring on the consumerization of IT – storage industry division – at a fast pace. While cloud storage must still overcome the Internet’s 3 9s availability, EMC’s added-value approach is promising.

Comments welcome, of course.