Samsung announced a 500,000 R/W cycle on their server-grade NAND flash. I thought that was pretty smart – even though the “several month” project didn’t sound like it involved a lot of engineering.

Then Flash analyst extraordinaire Jim Handy, who runs Objective Analysis, saw my post on ZDnet where I talked about the announcement. He reminded me that in October ’06 I’d written

. . . the cells are actually good for closer to a million read/write cycles. If true, Samsung is silly not to adjust their spec upwards, even to 250k. Engineers can be their own worst enemies sometimes when it comes to promoting a cool new product.

A mere 21 months later Samsung got with the StorageMojo program.

The StorageMojo take
Better late than never.

Samsung knew sooner than I did that flash has some serious deficits as a storage medium. The 500k “server-grade” moniker is a way of attacking one of those deficits – longevity – in a way that should reassure customers and increase margins.

What Samsung has lost is 2 years in building customer awareness of server-grade flash. Now it looks more reactive than proactive. Not a bad move, but sooner would have been better.

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