Direct attached storage may catch on
PCI-e DAS is getting traction in the media world. At least a dozen vendors – all smaller – were showing it, and customers were responding.

JMR’s BlueStor is promising over 4 GB/sec with PCI-e attach. In a world where a single 4k frame is almost 50 MB, that is speed production companies need.

More on NAB later.

The StorageMojo take
Beth Pariseau noted the DAS movement at SNW earlier this month. This isn’t just a Hollywood moment. There’s more to this nascent DAS resurgence than the need for speed.

  • Multi-core systems. Multi-core, multi-thread systems are like a cluster in a box – only cheaper. DAS looks like a SAN to an 8 core system.
  • Management. When you can easily attach several dozen TB of cheap SATA to a physical machine, who needs a SAN? Not to mention the optical PCI-e extension cables.
  • Cost. There’s something that looks a lot like worldwide depression going down. DAS is cheap(er) and as long as systems scale inside the box a SAN offers few advantages.

A DAS resurgence. Will wonders never cease.

Courteous comments welcome, of course.