Am @ Interop today – a nice, relaxing 250 mile drive from home – so this isn’t a standard StorageMojo post. Think of it as an expanded tweet.

Part of what Oracle gets with Sun is ZFS. And part of what Chris Mason of Oracle is working on is Btrfs – B-Tree or “butter” FS – seen as a Linux answer to ZFS. With a GPL license.

With many of the same features – such as parent-stored checksums and snapshots – Btrfs provides important new functionality to Linux. But if ZFS is an Oracle property, how hard could it be to change the licensing and open it up to the Linux community?

The StorageMojo take
I’m asking the question, not answering it. License T&C’s are important, but if the bottom line is that CDDL is incompatible with GPL, will Oracle be able to fix that? Will they want to?

Or does Linux really need AZFS – Almost ZFS?

Courteous comments welcome, of course.