Close observers might have noticed that StorageMojo hasn’t had an ads for a month or so. I hope that is about to change.

For readers who care about such things you can now read the StorageMojo advertising policy and rate card by clicking on Advertising or on the nav bar above.

The gist of it:

StorageMojo gets requests for advertising, and as a long-time capitalist roader, I’m pleased. But StorageMojo’s relationship with advertising is a bit ticklish.

I don’t mind ads and I like the money, but dealing with advertisers is time-consuming and may give readers the feeling that StorageMojo’s independence is compromised. After all, StorageMojo was founded to offer vigorous independent analysis and opinion, not sell ads.

Thus the public page on advertising. You can read it and decide for yourself what, if any, influence advertisers may exercise.

My experience is that companies intrepid enough to advertise on StorageMojo are worth checking out. They like the site and the audience and often share some of the concerns I have about the industry. Like StorageMojo readers, a cool bunch.

Courteous comments welcome, of course.