Nothing malicious going on, AFAIK. The latest version of the Thesis WordPress theme isn’t behaving.

Downgraded Thesis to the working prior version. Will be moving the site to a private virtual server to get more RAM.

Will finish loading the last 2 new price lists – IBM & Sun – after the move.

Sorry about the downtime. Thank you for reading StorageMojo.


PS: If someone knows HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress and smart web and UI designers, there is a crying need for a professional version of what the Thesis team is trying to do. It is a multi-million dollar market for someone who can deliver a product. Anyone up for getting moderately rich in the next 18 months?

I’ll be your first customer.

Update: StorageMojo is now running on its very own virtual machine. I’m noticing snappier performance – or maybe it is just a light weekend. End update.