The younger StorageMojo analysts have heard that New York is a den of sin and depravity and can’t wait to try some. With new Wrangler jeans and polished silver bolos they are ready to par-tay with some big city gals. Yee-ha!

Should I tell them that it will be 95% male? Nah.

The event is GigaOm’s Structure Big Data 2011 conference on Wednesday the 23rd. Haven’t been to it before, but I was overdue to see what Mr. Malik has cooked up.

The StorageMojo take
With the gradual slowing of improvement in hardware and big plans for massive data collection, the world of storage is looking at accelerating change. Drive and CPU vendors won’t be doing all the heavy lifting.

That means that architecture will become even more critical to successful products. Lots of room for creativity and innovation because there is a ready audience that needs something better than what they have today.

Looking forward to meeting new people and learning about new technologies and markets. I’ll have some time Thursday morning too, if anyone is eager to bend my ear. Leave a comment with your preferred means of contact.

Courteous comments welcome, of course.