A new media adventure
StorageMojo is decamping to Silicon Valley tomorrow. On Thursday I’ll be doing my first webinar – ever – with Dan Leary of Nimble Storage on the topic Not Just a Flash in the Pan: Proven Strategies for Successful SSD Deployment in the Midsize Enterprise.

Didn’t realize how long that title was until I tried to put it on a slide.

The StorageMojo take
My focus is on addressing IT concerns about flash-based products. One part carrot – look at the massive benefits that flash SSDs bring to storage architectures – and one part medicine – IT folks attitudes towards flash tend to be gloomier than the product’s rapid progress justifies.

My own flash posts, nearly 5 years ago, were downbeat – too many unanswered questions – and as in any new area some companies made better decisions than others. The resulting noise made “go really slow” the IT default. In the recent survey on StorageMojo I found that IT remains more skeptical than I’d expected.

But we’re moving past the fear and loathing stage with 4th generation flash SSDs. The question now: how do new system architectures enabled by flash help me do more with less? Nimble has a pretty good answer to that question.

Courteous comments welcome, of course. I have some free time on Wednesday if anyone would like to chat. And I’ll be hitting the Ryowa ramen house in Mountain View at least once.