Maximizing value for time spent is a difficult calculus. Especially when it the goal is perspective rather than information.

Efficient use of your time will be why the Solid State Storage Symposium works. Starting at 10am at the Doubletree San Jose Airport and going until 4pm, you’ll get to hear about – and question – 9 different SSS-using vendors.

The crack StorageMojo research team will be there in force, delivering a keynote that looks at the next 10 years in storage technology and architecture. Not everyone will agree with every point – that would be no fun at all – but there is no doubt that the next 10 years will see more change than the last 30.

This is a tech-heavy symposium with many of the smartest people in leading edge architectures speaking, including Dave Wright of SolidFire, Suresh Vasudevan of Nimble Storage, Jonathan Goldick of Violin Memory and Jered Floyd of Permabit among others. The panels intend to elicit critical differences, not dry recitations of marketing hype.

It should be good.

The StorageMojo take
One of the reasons big companies dominate is that it is so hard for small companies to get their unique value across to users. This is an opportunity for the up-and-comers to explain what it is they do, and for tech-savvy users to judge for themselves the goodness these vendors are offering.

Hope to see you there!

Courteous comments welcome, of course. I’ve done work for Nimble and Violin.