57TB Sepaton s2100-es2 Series 750 Data Protection Appliance $80k

This is a ≈2 year old dedup appliance. If you’ve been hankering to get into enterprise dedup without the usual large upfront costs, this unit may be right for you. Still under factory warranty, it was at Stanford – as the asset stickers attest – and has been checked out by the seller to be in good working order. The unit is in the Bay Area.

You can download Sepaton’s data sheets after you scroll past the the pictures. StorageMojo isn’t the seller and you should satisfy yourself that the unit meets your requirements.

Interested? Please leave a comment or email me at StorageMojo.com with any questions or your contact info. I’ll put you in touch with the seller. And yes, your purchase will help support StorageMojo. Thanks!

Here’s a couple of Sepaton pdf’s that describe the s2100 and the dedup software.
S2100-ES2 Series 1900-2900-V8