Isilon’s Cluster Technology. Pt. 0.5

Unexpectedly, this has turned into Isilon Week here at the StorageMojo. I think everyone is excited by Isilon’s successful IPO, the first, I hope, of many.

I’ve already commented on Isilon’s surprisingly uninformative website. They have cool technology, so you’d think they’d want to talk about it. Maybe not talking about technology is how one has a successful IPO these days.

But wait! There’s more!
However, Isilon had a patent granted December 5, 2006 to inventors Sujal M. Patel (company founder), Paul A. Mikesell, Darren P. Schack and Aaron J. Passey. And wonder of wonders: the patent is surprisingly readable! If you’ve read many patents, most of them read like architecture papers rendered into insurance company legalese. The Isilon patent isn’t. It is still 15 pages of fine print, broken up by the USPTO’s really weird online publishing protocol.

Some friends showed up; the 3-2-1 Margaritas started flowing: See you tomorrow!