With Google and Microsoft talking about free storage online, maybe it really will take off. But what are our options today? You can start with this comparison chart.

The focus here is internet accessible storage — not backup software that puts backups on the internet. If you want to simply publish pictures there are a number of sites that do that. StorageMojo.com’s focus is on business use.

For business information, data security is required. Only three of the options warrant further investigation: iStorage, Omnidrive and Xdrive. These sites offer encryption, access control and secure internet connections.

iStorage is from Iomega, the Zip drive folks. It looks easy, but expensive: 250MB is $60 a year, while 5GB is a hefty $500 a year. Xdrive costs $10 per month for 5GB. Omnidrive is in beta, and they say they are planning to offer 5GB for $10 a month. Check out their site and apply for a beta. I have and I’ll let you know how it goes.

My question is Why would anyone use any of these?