In order to help buyers of storage products – and to drive traffic to – we publish vendor price lists. has just added 14 new vendors to the list: Avamar, CreekPath, Data Domain,EqualLogic, FalconStor, Finisar, Isilon, Lefthand, Nexsan, Panasas, Riverbed, StoreAge, Texas Memory Systems (big SSD’s) and Xiotech. We added 3PAR and Pillar Data earlier this week to the existing lineup of ADIC, Brocade, Dell, EMC, Hitachi, HP, IBM, McData, Qlogic, Quantum and Seagate.

Pay Me Now AND Pay Me Later
These can also be handy for vendor evaluation and competitive analysis. Most of the vendors, for instance, mark up disk drives anywhere from 3-5x. Since you will be buying a lot of disk drives for upgrades over the life of the product, maybe you’d prefer a vendor with a lower mark up. If you’ve done a few years doing pricing you know how the game is played.

Please comment to let us know how to make these more useful. Fun, no.

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