The friendly folks over at Kanguru Solutions have announced a $2800 64GB USB flash drive – only $44/GB. Shipments are supposed to begin later this month.

They also offer 16 and 32 GB versions for, respectively, $800 or $50/GB, and $1500 or $47/GB. The 16GB capacity is shipping today.

The 64GB monster would take almost two hours to fully load at a generous write speed of 10MB/sec. But that is beside the point. It’s just having the biggest freaking flash drive. w00t!

Boot Hill
You can configure flash drives to boot Windows XP. Yet since it is most reliable with FAT16, 2GB is the most you can use. Maybe Vista will change that.

Linux users can also boot from USB. 64GB might be overkill, since bootable Linux fits comfortably on 256MB drives, but so what?

Mac users are SOL: OS X only boots from firewire. Kanguru has those too.

Update: Chris points out that the Intel Macs DO boot from USB flash drives. See his comment for the details. Cool!