It’s been dry in Northern Arizona this year – only about a quarter of the normal rainfall. The fire chief said last week that the moisture content of local trees is less than that of kiln-dried lumber. Very dry.

l took the header picture above Sunday afternoon of a fire about one mile from home. Everyone north of us, several hundred homes, was ordered to evacuate, and we were encouraged to get ready to leave. Which got me thinking about the problem of data protection.

The winds died down, the helicopters and the tankers kept the flames from entering the canyon closest to us, and after 36 hours the danger to our part of town receded. Other areas are still evacuated and in danger. There are only three roads into town and one of them is closed.

More on data protection issues later today.

Update, 21 June
As noted yesterday, my home is threatened by a wildfire. Today the air is thick with wood smoke and the mountains are barely visible through the haze. The most important, i.e. irreplaceable, stuff is either already packed and in the car or sorted out and ready to load. The firemen – now upgraded to a Type I incident team – have created a firebreak up the canyon and are working the fire to get it to come to the firebreak. They can’t fight it in steep roadless canyons in 100 degree heat.

We are all hoping that the fire will cooperate.