has looked at dozens. These are the coolest.

So why not just shout out backup? While any remote data site could be used for backup, these folks are either doing more than backup or they are doing backup particularly well.

Name Service Audience Cost Coolness
Carbonite Unlimited Windows Backup The Masses $5/mo Encrypted, Cheap, Easy
Cleversafe Secure, reliable business storage Business In Beta A Paranoid’s Happy Place
Gmail 2.7 GB capacity, email too Geeky Cheapskates Free Storage With An Email Face
Openomy 1 GB Multi-app data store Developers Free For Now Open WinFS for Hipsters
S3 Rent-A-Gig Developers $0.15/ per GB/Mo. Industrial Strength Web Service

If you are an individual please see Backup Cheatsheet: Backing Up and Letting Go for a few words of hard-earned wisdom.

If you are a VC these are ideas that the Next Big Thing will use.

Who else should be on this list? Comments welcome.