I’ll be attending Datacenter Ventures in San Jose next month. There are a lot of storage-related companies on the presenter list, so I’m looking forward to seeing some real game-changing Mojo.

This conference is focused on young companies hoping they have the Next Cool Thing. I’ve already written about some of them – like Abrevity, Coraid and Njini – and I’m looking forward to learning about many more.

If you are a presenting company and want some face time please send me a note. Be forewarned: as a long time marketing practitioner I prefer talking to engineers. Otherwise you’ll probably get a lot of free advice on your marketing that will be worth every penny.

Naturally I will be commenting as real-time as I can manage. The event is September 20-21 at the Fairmont Hotel in increasingly attractive downtown San Jose.

Let me know if you’ll be there and we can bend an elbow. If you can’t be there, check out the Datacenter Ventures website and let me know what you think is interesting. I’ll try to give it special attention.