Over on Robert Milkowski’s blog is this pre-announcement:

I see that many people are asking about ZFS + Sun Cluster solution. Soon Sun Cluster 3.2 should be released which does support ZFS (among many other new features). Now Solaris 10 is free, Sun Cluster is free. Additionally to install Sun Cluster it’s just some clicks in GUI installer and voila! Then some other commands and we have ZFS pool under Sun Cluster management.

Beta Out Now
It’s available as Sun Cluster 3.2 beta. Robert already has two SC32 beta clusters running with ZFS and he says it just works. I would expect no less

Release Early Next Year
They are expecting the SC 3.2 release in early 2007. In this release ZFS is a failover cluster – only one server can access it at a time – but the team is looking at architectures for a shared cluster version. I’m trusting they’ll come up with something ingenious.

Other New ZFS Stuff
Eric Schrock’s blog had a new entry last week talking about other new features of ZFS. It’s geekier than I am, so sysadmins may want to check it out.

Google Testing OpenSolaris
Computerworld has published an article about Google’s testing of OpenSolaris for use in its datacenters.

As you may recall, Google’s GFS file system runs on top of the server OS. So if they installed OpenSolaris, they’d get ZFS reliability on their servers. Even if only 20% of their server down time is due to file system bit rot, that would be a significant boost to their efficiency. They’d also get DTrace as well.