I’ve had a number of requests for RSS feeds, which left me a little mystified since I don’t use them myself. I tried hooking up to Feedburner, but their stuff didn’t work with my version of WordPress. So I procrastinated. Until now.

New, Improved and, I hope, Working!
So for those of you who like and use RSS, there is an RSS feed thingie on the left side of the StorageMojo.com page. It works fine in Safari, and I’d appreciated feedback if anyone has problems using it with any other RSS reader/browser/OS combo.

Also, one other modest change
I increased the size of the default font. Big enough? Too big? Still too small? Let me know what works for you.


Update: More tech-savvy-than-me reader Ulrich had this to say in the comments:

I am reading your blog with FeedReader (www.feedreader.com) since months. Just copy “storagemojo.com” into the “add feed” field and it offers RSS2.0 or Atom to subscribe.

The link you publish doesn’t work for me. I use http://storagemojo.com/?feed=rss2 instead.