Or at least a very knowledgeable Oracle guru with a deep interest in storage. He is also, cough, cough, a discriminating connoisseur of fine blogging.

My ears are burning!
Kevin, who works for the cluster software company, Polyserve, and is a longtime student of Oracle performance, had this to say about my favorite storage blog:

I’m sure all you long-time bloggers have likely have seen this site, but I have got to say that storagemojo.com is a great blog.

I now know what my blog aspires to be—from the Oracle-centric viewpoint of course.

There was more, but modesty forbids me to continue. And my friends are tired of hearing about it.

Kevin Closson’s Oracle Blog: Platform, Storage & Clustering Topics Related to Oracle Databases
is the name of Kevin’s blog and I must say, in all honesty, he’s got the goods. If you or a loved one runs Oracle, check it out.

And give yourself extra points
if you caught the Almost Famous reference in the title. Comments welcome, although I can’t think of any reason to.