Remote PC backup made easy
Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal reviews (subscription required, I believe) two remote PC backup services, Carbonite and Mozy, this morning.

Mozy: now they have something
I wrote briefly about Berkeley Data Systems, parent of Mozy, in September and concluded

They compete with Carbonite with a twist: like a friendly pusher, the first two GB of backup are free. Cool. Now they should just do away with the 30 GB limit on their $5/mo plan and they’d have something.

As of today they’ve dropped the 30 GB limit and now they have something. But they’ve also dropped the reference to “. . . potential telekinetic security breaches.” These guys are getting serious! Darn.

Mossberg’s money quote:

Of the two products, I prefer Mozy. Carbonite is a little quicker and simpler to set up, but it’s more limited. If you want to go beyond the default backup choice — your most common documents and settings — you have to troll through your hard disk to select additional folders and files for backup. Mozy also has a default setting, but makes it much easier to alter or customize it.

Mozy offers more-versatile restoring and scheduled backups, and unlike Carbonite, will back up an external hard disk. Mozy will also send you a DVD of all your files, for a fee. Carbonite won’t. Mozy also keeps multiple versions of any file for 30 days. Carbonite doesn’t.

Still, you won’t go wrong with either of these two services, and you’ll sleep better at night.

I agree. None of the other online backup services comes close to either Mozy or Carbonite on price, ease of use, or features. Every business laptop should be backed up to one of these services so IT can focus on more important things.

The StorageMojo take
I’m glad to see Mozy took my most excellent advice and dropped the 30GB limit. Most home users will never come close to that, as I’m sure they’ve figured out. Sadly, neither company supports Macs, although Carbonite is on track for support in April. I’ve pinged Mozy for their date and if they respond, I’ll update this post.

Update: Josh Coates, the founder, says that MacMozy is in alpha right now and they “. . . hope to release it as a beta to the public in the next couple of months.” So us MacHeads may see MacMozy in April as well. Not as good as Right Now, but better than Never. Thanks, Josh.

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