Joerg, over at pointed to a good article by Paul Murphy about the Economics of ZFS over at ZDnet.

He is responding to another article that proposed to estimate the OLTP price/performance of various boxes, including Solaris 10/ZFS boxes, without taking into account the cost advantages of fast software RAID.

The money quote
Murphy says the

. . . ratings ignore important differentiating technology – had he bench-ti-mated his Solaris costs and performance on a ZFS/JBOD basis, Sun would have placed at the top of every grouping.

All of which suggests an important question for readers of this blog: how many of you are making the same mistake? How about your colleagues and bosses?

As I recall, it took customers almost 8 years before RAID controllers and arrays became the dominant data storage hardware choice. How long will it take to unmake that decision?

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