A new addition to StorageMojo.com Price Lists
A reader turned me on to them today. I see a number of the guys at Omneon worked at Tektronix, the company I sold to back when I was a dewy-eyed DEC salesman. Tek’s Grass Valley Group was a long-time leader in broadcast equipment, though exactly what they were doing 25 years ago escapes my memory.

I’ve just added Omneon Video Networks to the Price List (click on the Price List header above), or you can go direct to the page.

Omneon, the broadcaster’s friend
Omneon Video Networks is a specialized storage company that provides broadcast quality storage for digital media, along with the gear needed to convert video streams to bits. At least that’s how I read it, and I’m no expert on TV broadcasting. They do clustering, in their MediaGrid product, which is a pretty sophisticated architecture for the kind of beating stuff gets in 7×24 broadcasting.

The StorageMojo take
Think of Omneon as a giant, industrial grade iPod. They’ve taken the same storage the rest of us use and wrapped the interfaces and packaging that broadcasters are already familiar with around it. I don’t plan to get into their technology unless there is popular demand – or unless (hint, hint) someone there wants to write a technical overview.

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