Stay too long in storage and this could happen to you
A buddy of mine from DEC, Kirby Wadsworth, has started a started a blog that I’ll be watching. Normally I don’t blog about blogging or bloggers – drinking one’s own bath water and all that – so to what does Kirby owe the honor of this mention?

For one, I always enjoyed his bad attitude about the storage industry. Kirby tends to get passionate and is what sales people call an expressive: you always know how things are with Kirby. I like that in people.

What you see is what you get?
But what really grabbed me is his picture in Storage Sanity:

Wildman Kirby Wadsworth

How many marketing VPs would dare?

The proof is in the pudding
I know Kirby can produce 100 proof stuff if he can devote the time. He has a day job at Acopia, after all. I’ll be interested to see how it goes.

Good luck, Kirby.