The wily Googlers fooled me
I thought the videos were supposed to be on YouTube – the video service they bought for $1.6 billion a few months ago.

But NO!
They’re on Google Video. I just figured that out.

The good news: better quality on Google Video.

The bad news: I don’t see either the YouTube or the Amazon presentations up, so they probably won’t be. They were on at the same time and I choose the Amazon presentation. Who would have thought that a Google subsidiary wouldn’t give permission to publish their talk at a Google sponsored conference. It isn’t on YouTube either.

Weird. Update: The redoubtable Dan Creswell who also blogged about the Amazon talk, says that they are just a bit slow getting them up. Marissa Meyer’s afternoon keynote is now up. So let’s wait and see. Patience, grasshopper.

Anyone who attended the YouTube session want to trade notes?

Here are the links:
This links to Barry Brummit’s entertaining and informative presentation on using MapReduce on large geographic data sets.

This is Jeff Dean’s excellent talk about abstractions for handling large data sets, but don’t let the title fool you, it covers a lot of ground on Google infrastructure.

And this is Reza Behforooz’s talk about integrating GoogleTalk with two large existing services.

There is a fourth talk by the founder of Platform Computing on Building a Scalable Resource Mgmt System for Grid Computing . I attended the first few minutes until my ADD kicked in. If you watch it send me anything interesting you hear.

Comments welcome.