An alert reader sent this in as a comment this morning. Thank you!

As of Jul 10, 1:00am PDT, 10 of the talks have been published (including the Lustre and Verisign ones). Searching for “seattle conference on scalability” on google video seems to return most, but not all of them. Weird. Anyway here is a complete list of links:

Building a Scalable Resource Mgmt System for Grid Computing (Khalid Ahmed, Platform Computing)

Lustre File System (Peter Braam, Cluster File Systems)

Abstractions for Handling Large Datasets (Jeff Dean, Google)

Scalable Test Selection Using Source Code Deltas (Ryan Gerard, Symantec Corporation)

Lessons In Building Scalable Systems (Reza Behforooz, Google)

Using MapReduce on Large Geographic Datasets (Barry Brumitt, Google)

YouTube Scalability (Cuong Do Cuong, Youtube)

Scaling Google for Every User (Marissa Mayer, Google)

SCTPs Reliability and Fault Tolerance (Brad Penoff, Mike Tsai, Alan Wagner, UBC)

VeriSign’s Global DNS Infrastructure (Scott Courtney, Pat Quaid, VeriSign)

I know how I’ll be spending an hour today.
I’m going to watch the YouTube talk, which was on at the same time as Amazon.

Still waiting for the Amazon talk. Hope it arrives soon. Even if it doesn’t you can read about it below.

Update: Dan Creswell reminded me that Amazon has a paper coming out in the first half of August. So maybe the video is waiting on that. I hope to review the paper once it ships.