Parascale (parallel scale) launched its beta Virtual Storage Network this week. I’ve done some consulting for them so I won’t pretend to be objective. I’m a big fan of software-based storage clusters no matter who makes them.

GFS-like is more accurate
You can read about VSN architecture here. AFAIK it is the first GFS-type software-only storage product intended for enterprises.

Here’s a diagram from their architecture page.

Parascale launches Google-like storage software

It should be pretty solid for a beta. Blue Coat, which used to be CacheFlow, has been using it for 18 months as a FIFO buffer to stage backups. They set it up and it has worked flawlessly.

The StorageMojo take
With EMC edging into storage clusters next year the credibility of the concept will take a giant leap forward. Parascale is well-positioned to take advantage of the interest, especially if, as I suspect, someone buys them.

Comments welcome, as always. If you decide to test VFN, let me know how it goes.

Update: This post was not my finest hour: I got Parascale’s acronym wrong – it is Virtual Storage Network, not Virtual File Network. Memory like a sieve. And many have taken me to task for calling VSN “. . . the first software-only commercial storage product.” I was trying to point to the GFS-style architecture for the enterprise and did not word it well. So I re-worded it.

In researching some of the suggestions from the comments I noticed that not every vendor talks about their architecture. Interesting. End update.