Several readers have asked
Boy, do the Fusion-io guys give a good demo! Now if only they can ship a product.

I like startups.
People putting their heart and soul into an idea that rarely turns out as well as they hoped. As is said of 2nd marriages, the triumph of hope over experience.

I expect near-delusional optimism and careful misdirection. All part of the fun.

Fusion io
Yet the the Fusion-io media blitz leaves me skeptical. The info is sparse and perhaps inconsistent. And the claims seem too good to be true – which usually means they are. Here are some concerns.

  • The economics are dicey. $30/GB means a $1200 40 GB drive – assuming the $/GB number comes from the smallest configuration and not the more likely 640 GB version. Some gamers and blade buyers will shell out that kind of money, but why not just max out your RAM at $35/GB?
  • No word about their architecture – evidently some kind of parallel channel like the STEC Zeus drive – on their site. That just seems odd.
  • Finally, their numbers don’t pass the smell test. 600 MB/s of 4KB writes equals 150,000 IOPS. The STEC Zeus drive, whose experience in flash I find credible, claim 50,000 IOPS for their FC drive. What does Fusion-io know that STEC doesn’t?

The StorageMojo take
I’d love to be proven wrong, but I’ll be waiting for independent confirmation of the product’s performance and price. Besides the price, the product has all the disadvantages of direct attached storage. Gamer heaven? Yes. Economic server enhancement? I’ll wait and see.

Comments welcome, of course. Has anyone played with one of these puppies?